Magic Industries specialized in sales, service and repair of hydraulic pumps, compressors, precision instrumentation and most hydraulic and iron roughneck equipment. With our state of the art repair and testing facility that utilizes the latest, in computerized machining and calibration for accuracy and safety of all of our repairs. "When Precision Matters" Magic Industries is the right choice for all your hydraulic needs.


We Specialize In:
Agriculture, Oilfield / Iron Roughneck (ST-80 , 3080) , Heavy Equipment, Heavy Industry, Marine

Technology driven state of the art repair facility offering:
Complete repair, service and troubleshooting
Custom cylinder rebuild (any size) and manufacturing
Retrofit of obsolete or hard to find components
Hydraulic Cylinder repair
Hydraulic Pump repair

Products Offered:
Iron roughneck - ST80 - Hydraulic Slip Parts - Top Drive Parts - Weight Indicators - Mud Pressure Gauges - Pump Pressure Gauges - Pressure Recorders Tong Torque Assemblies - Gauge Protector - Sensators - Air Starters, Hydraulic Starters Air Control Valve Systems - Compressors, 10, 15, 25 HP - Hydraulic Pumps  - Permco Hydraulic Pumps - Powerteam Tooling & Equipment - - Zinga Filters