About Us

Magic Industries Specializes In:

  • Agriculture
  • Oilfield
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Heavy Industry
  • Marine


Technology driven state of the art repair facility offering:

  • Complete repair, service and troubleshooting
  • Custom cylinder rebuild (any size) and manufacturing
  • Retrofit of obsolete or hard to find components

Repair Exchange Programs for:

Hydrostatic Drives

Iron Roughneck

Paving Equipment
Caterpillar Pumps
Oilfield Instrumentation
Equipment Weight Indicators

Pressure Gauges
Tong Torque Assemblies
Wabco Pneumatic Controls
100% Testing on all repairs

Products Offered:

ST80 Iron Roughneck Parts

Weight Indicators
Mud Pressure Gauges
Pump Pressure Gauges
Pressure Recorders
Tong Torque Assemblies
Gauge Protector

IR3080 Roughneck Parts

Air & Hydraulic Starters
Air Control Valve Systems
Compressors, 10, 15, 25 HP
"Case" 580 Replacement
Cylinders and Pumps

Hyco Cylinders
Permco Pumps
Powerteam Tooling & Equipment
SMC "Vickers" Parts
Startmaster Starters
Zinga Filters